27 November 2015

Renting in London

Renting in London is steep, there is no denying that. But there are plenty of other options than paying for a converted airing cupboard (no kidding, I have slept in one of those). Hotels are one option, but, hey, if you’re there for a while how long can you eat the same menu all the time?If you’re scheduled to be in London for a while and have an option on choosing your accommodation, you might want to look at serviced apartments, short stay apartments or even a holiday apartment if the time of year is right. 

Serviced apartments are often designed for corporate short stay lets, and generally populated by self catering conference delegates, visiting staff on secondment or courses from out of town or short term fixed term contract staff. Customers will have their own space to entertain and have total freedom to prepare meals as needed. Think of a serviced apartment as something similar to an aparthotel in Europe, in that it is a self catering space but with added hotel-style cleaning and laundry service as well as all the usual things you’d get in a hotel such as broadband, a welcome pack of hot drinks and complementary trial packs of soap, shower gel and shampoo. Those visitors staying for longer may well find they are also given a food starter pack to help with the first night and morning of the stay. Typically this will include eggs, pasta and sauce, milk, bread, butter, jams and cereal. All bedlinen and towels will generally be changed weekly and the cleaner will give the apartment a thorough clean at this time too. 

Short stay apartments are an alternative to hotels or serviced apartments for longer stays. Like serviced apartments, they offer a more flexible option, are great for families or those needing to self-cater for dietary or accessibility reasons. Many of these apartments are non-smoking, and state that no pets are allowed. Prices vary wildly, depending on the time of year and length of stay. When researching short stay apartments in a city location such as London, potential visitors are advised to search including the exact dates they wish to stay in order to budget accurately for their stay.

The use of holiday apartments is also a possibility, although these are sometimes simply a shared housing arrangement for a few nights with other regular housemates seeking to keep an empty room filled during University vacation or between tenants. These rooms are a good deal cheaper, as you would expect, and do not offer the level of luxury that serviced or short stay places will.

Whatever budget is available to a visitor to London, and no matter the reason that they find themselves in the city, the London rental market has something for everyone. Prices range from £15 a night for a room in a shared student house to £150 or more a night for a serviced apartment near Waterloo station, so for all types of travel and all levels of luxury, London’s rental choice has it all.

21 April 2013

Rumah Type 36 Jalan Singa Kubang

Dijual rumah type 36 yang asri di daerah Kecamatan Tambang, Kabupaten Kampar

Lokasi Rumah : Jalan Kubang Raya KM 6, Jalan Singa kira-kira 700m dari jalan besar
Ukuran Tanah : 117m²

Ukuran Rumah : 36m²
Kamar Tidur : 2
Kamar Mandi : 1
Kondisi : Baru
Fasilitas : Lantai Keramik, Taman Rumah,
Surat : SHM / Sertifikat Hak Milik
Harga : Rp 90.000.000,- (bisa nego)
Hubungi : 081268185534


16 April 2013

Perumahan Bumi Putra Asri Kubang

Dijual hunian alami dengan sentuhan minimalis, dengan alamat Jl. Kubang Raya, di belakang PT FRP (Farika Riau Perkasa), dekat SMA Plus Riau

Type 36/110 harga per unit Rp.70.000.000,-

Spesifikasi Teknis
  1. Pondasi Cor Beton Bertulang
  2. Sloof / Kolom Beton Bertulang
  3. Dinding Bata Plester / Aci
  4. Kusen pintu Kayu kelas II, Daun Jendela Bingkai Tembusu / Sejenis Kaca Hitam, model minimalis
  5. Ring Balok Beton Bertulang
  6. Kuda-kuda Kayu Meranti / Sejenis
  7. Atap Genteng metal
  8. Plafond Triplek
  9. Pintu Panel
  10. Lantai Aci
  11. Kamar mandi bak fiber, closet jongkok, pintu fiber
  12. Listrik sudah terpasang
  13. Air Sumur bor
Hubungi Abu Nissya di 0852 6417 2453